In some of the worst scenes of unrest in the increasingly acrimonious debate about Black Pete, opponents scuffled with police on the historic market place of the central city of Gouda as thousands of children welcomed Saint Nicholas nearby. Another 30, both supporters and opponents of Black Pete, were arrested for disturbing public order, Bos told The Associated Press. Black Petes, the traditional black-faced sidekicks of Sinterklaas, the Dutch version of Santa Claus, walked side-by-side with yellow-colored “Cheese Petes” and “cookie Petes,” a nod to the city’s most famous products, but also a concession to critics of the traditional Black Petes. Ever more, the children’s fairy tale that has delighted kids for generations is being framed as a very politicized debate in the Netherlands, where discussion about the place in society of immigrants has simmered for years. Protesters were detained by police as children watched. Black Petes walked side-by-side with yellow-colored “Cheese Petes,” a nod to the city’s most famous products but also a concession to critics of Black Pete. In another sign of changing times, the daily Dutch children’s television report on Saint Nicholas’ travels also featured White Petes on Thursday night. The vast majority of people in Gouda were parents and their young children — many dressed as Black Pete — who braved cold and wet conditions to watch as Saint Nicholas arrived and rode through the town on a white horse to the market square. Across Belgium and the Netherlands, celebrations in which Saint Nicholas rolls into town surrounded by a host of “Black Petes” have come under increasing pressure year by year from complaints about racism.

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Cherry Moon offers a special VIP treatment, including: VIP tickets are online available online via our ticketpage at www. The Retro Beach edition was again an enormous success. The Pier in Blankenberge where we touched down for the first time, was completely sold-out and the atmosphere was absolutely mind-blowing with everybody reliving many magical moments and a lot of music from one of the most popular venues in Belgium ever.

So get ready for more because from now on, we will be looking for unique or special locations to continue our great story.

You say à;GRUMH. we say NOT, gniiiiiii In December , à;GRUMH. performed as headline of the BIMFEST festival in Sint-Niklaas. J3 and S3 came to the stage for a full concert for the first time since (back in they had done a “performance” for the Hotel Charleroi art festival at the Coliseum theater in Charleroi but that was just.

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The tree is up, and the cards are being blu-tacked to the book shelves in the time-honoured way I learnt from my parents. That is, with just enough blu-tac to stay up when you install them, but not quite enough to make it through the night. Then, when you walk into the sitting room in the morning, they are lying like ‘ex-cards’ – cards that have had enough and simply can’t take being forced to co-exist next to all my rubbish chick-lit novels any longer – all over the floor

Op zaterdag 7 november organiseert KLJ Nieuwkerken-Waas voor de 11e keer de Crazy Dating Party, de grootste tentenfuif uit het Waasland. De inkom is via Paradisio.

In Charles Wuorinen became the youngest composer at that time to win the Pulitzer Prize for the electronic work Time’s Encomium. The Pulitzer and the MacArthur Fellowship are just two among many awards, fellowships and other honors to have come his way. Wuorinen has written more than compositions to date. The premiere of his opera on Annie Proulx’s Brokeback Mountain was a major cultural event worldwide.

The trio takes its name from the Belgian composer Karel Goeyvaerts, who played an important role in developments in European new music. Not only does the ensemble perform existing works, but it also actively commissions new compositions for string trio. After the trio released its CD recording of string trios by Arnold Schoenberg, Anton Webern and Alfred Schnittke on the renowned international label Challenge Records, the recording received the highest possible rating in multiple music magazines, as well as a Gold Label from Klassiek Centraal, a nomination for best CD production for the Belgian classical broadcasting network Klara and a recommendation in Gramophone.

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Concept In the year we took part in the highly ambitious and top secret NASA HOPE project, aimed at examining and developing revolutionary concepts for human outer planet exploration. Our task included the launch of crewed journeys to the outer solar system, in search of life-supporting planets. After erring for eternity in the dark and mysterious voids of Outer Space, we discovered an unknown planet where the biosphere environment and its planetary conditions were extremely favorable for human life.

That is, because of its extraordinary bright surface and the geyser-like plumes of ice and water vapor which erupt from its southern polar region. It occurred to us that sharing this valuable information with NASA wasn’t a good idea. We didn’t want this precious hidden planet to suffer the same fate as poor Planet Earth, considering how the human race ruthlessly destroyed its own environment.

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Zoek je een serieuze relatie, vriendschap of iemand om mee uit te gaan? Hoe kom dan naar op zoek. Kijk op nr1 Gratis Dating.

Club Complex – Sint-Niklaas Oost-Vlaanderen – Belgi Crazy, sexy & hard, it’s all about the music and enjoying and dancing. Includes entry to the party through the VIP access for guests and table on the VIP terrace. This payment is a table pre-reservation. A fee of € will be charged at the VIP entrance, including € on.

Listen to an excerpt here Release date: The Piano Hero Cycle has now reached its completion, after having worked on it for the past 7 years. It’s comprised of 4 parts that can be played independently or as a whole the latter being the richer experience. The full cycle is about an hour of music. I’m very grateful to the pianists that have commissioned the pieces: Frederik Croene 1 , Mark Knoop 2 and Stephane Ginsburgh , as well as to the commissioning organisations: Special thanks go to Frederik Croene, for supplying the rich sonic and visual material for the videos in which he’s playing on his piano frame, to Kobe Wens for these video recordings, to Florian Bogner ICST for the wonderful and inspiring collaboration in developing the electronics and to Victor Barcelo, Maarten Beirens, Toon Callier, Sylvia Hinz, Brian Penkrot, Bert Prins and Tianghe Zhou for recording a long set of chords on their beautifully out-of-tune pianos for PH 4.

Videos of the other parts can be found here:


Well, it wasn’t Louisiana at that time. But that rock fell, and it hit hard making a giant dent. It gradually filled in, but no matter what, it still left a dent. And that dent held just enough water that it became a primeval swamp known as Coochie Brake. Now this was not one of those swamps down on the coast.

Afterwork Party XXL xxx Edition, Belgium Events, botestraat , Wondelgem, Belgium. Fri Dec 14 at pm, Afterwork party xxl.

Died in Iraq in December Indications but no proof that he committed suicide attack Abu al-Baraa al-Belgiki, an anonymous fighter of Algerian descent, who served as emir for Islamic State in the Syrian town of Saraqib and was killed there in January Ouafae Sarrar, aka Umm Djarrah, wife of Shariah4Belgium recruit and Islamic State fighter Ilyass Boughalab. Anonymous Islamic State fighter from Antwerp. Spanish-Moroccan IS fighter who resided in Belgium prior to his departure.

Presumed dead by Belgian authorities according to documents dating from Younes Ahllal, aka Abu Taymiyah al-Belgiki. Fighter from Molenbeek who was stateless prior to his naturalization as a Belgian citizen in Zerkani recruit from Brussels who left in April

Notice Me ((Sixteen; I watch a lot of romantic comedies))