This is a huge phenomenon today, across all social groups. However, it is especially common with Black Women. Just today, while at work, I spotted a gorgeous black woman, about 25 years old, butter pecan skin, conservative and professional looking, wearing a business suit. The two were a complete mismatch, and actually looked strange together. This is largely an offshoot of Hip Hop culture. Once again, Hip Hop is influencing the wider culture. It has even been institutionalized- reinforced by mainstream institutions The Grammys, by the Academy Awards, major movies, Politicians, the NAACP, professional sports, major magazines, etc etc etc. This image is glorified all throughout Pop culture today. Fox, and the list goes on and on- all either have or had these men for boyfriends. Of course, upon seeing this, young women in the wider society want to emulate these so-called Stars.


Black outrage is selective—but rational. Michael Brown was, statistically, vastly more likely to be killed by a fellow black man than a single white one. Yet the black-on-black murder rate in Chicago this summer, to the people comparing Ferguson to Gaza, etc.

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Michael is the author of Staying Married in a Degenerate Age. Follow him on Twitter or Facebook. You can read more of his writing at Honor and Daring. Modern men have unwittingly joined a pagan cult. This cult has no buildings and no formal hierarchy yet it is leading men to embrace degeneracy, encouraging girls to become sluts, and furthering the cause of feminism. This cult has no name but it it does have an object of worship: Women on the internet. Here are some of the most common manifestations of this cult.

Cupp For some reason, men who identify as conservative really flock to any reasonably attractive woman who says conservative things. This could be because men tend to be conservatives and women tend to be liberal. It goes far beyond just Fox News anchors though. There are tons of conservative female pundits out there: In addition to these women, who regularly appear on TV, there is another group of women, such as Tomi Lahren and Lauren Southern, who develop large followings on social media.

The year-old Lahren has half a million Twitter followers.

Rescue Romance

Ahmet Dobran still needs round-the-clock care in hospital Image: Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email An year-old man battling cancer is still unable to eat or breathe without help three months after allegedly being battered and robbed by thugs. Ahmet Dobran’s family have been left devastated watching their loved-one decline since the attack. The great-grandad still needs round-the-clock care in hospital almost 21 weeks after he was viciously beaten up and left in a coma.

His family fear he will become a prisoner in his own house if and when he does leave hospital after he was ambushed by three violent brutes.

A savage drunken thug has been caged for biting off the top of a woman’s finger – leaving her in a “living nightmare”. Raging Jamie Griffiths, aged 23, crunched through the bone to bite.

Click to playTap to play The video will start in 8Cancel Play now Get daily news updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email This is the moment that shows two thugs violently abducting a teenage girl after her father had promised one of them his daughter as their wife. The clip shot by an unknown relative in the village, shows the men trying to kidnap the girl as her mother desperately attempts to stop them.

In the background the “bride” is seen trying to run away but one of the thugs, wielding a stick, catches her. The other grabs her mother, throws her to the ground again and starts raining blows down on her head as the little boy cries in horror. The men drag the young bride away after being promised her hand in marriage Image: CEN The thugs beat the girl’s heartbroken mother as she tries to stop them from taking her daughter Image: CEN Read More An older child then appears but he too is helpless to stop the men dragging the girl on to a waiting tractor.

It drives off, leaving one thug behind. A little boy, thought to be the girl’s brother, wails in horror as he watches the abduction Image: CEN The shocking footage shows the mother being beaten Image: CEN She begs the men not to take her daughter away Image: Boys can wed at Her mother Nemat wanted her to stay at home until she was of legally marriageable age.


Taxi driver Sebastian Ziomkowski was assaulted in the early hours when he dropped two passengers off in Marske. Get daily updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingSee our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email A taxi driver was savagely attacked by thugs who “claimed to have a knife” in a terrifying early hours ordeal.

Sebastian Ziomkowski, 29, who drives for Royal Cars, has been left unable to work due to injuries he sustained when he thought he was dropping two passengers off in Marske for a routine job. But alarm bells started ringing when they said they didn’t have any money, but did have a knife, recruitment manager at the taxi firm, Shaun Castle said.

In the spirit of “taking one for the team,” I’m here to hang out with the crazy chicks, brave the dangers of the ‘hood, cavort with women who allow men to abuse their feet for money, and get into a motley assortment of misadventures so you won’t have to.

Can we please stop treating our daughters like sons? Soul Curry invites you to share your real life soul-stirring experiences. If you have any such story to share, do send it to us at soulcurry timesinternet. Sep 28, , The Delhi heat was breathing down my neck like an angry dragon, there was no water supply for last 24 hours and my deadline to pay our room rent was long gone.

As I hurriedly packed my bag for office, I made sure to take out the envelope containing twenty thousand rupees from the bag. A girl answered his phone and knowing she was his daughter, I informed her I will pay them a visit before leaving for office. Twenty minutes later, I was greeted by a girl in her late teens as she opened the door.

Standing behind her was her father. We exchanged greetings with a smile and he introduced her as he instructed the shy girl to take the envelope from my hand.

Cancer fighter, 82, unable to eat or breathe after being beaten by thugs in brutal attack

The type of guys who leave a trail of drama in their wake and only leaving you hurt, in lots of pain, and totally confused. The guy you would refer to as being a loser. Perhaps they become distant and uncaring… almost always right after you SLEEP with him making you wonder whether they were into you or just used you for your body. It does NOT have to be this way. But first… a few things needs to be covered. You can create attraction and you can destroy it.

Oct 11,  · Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating .

Read More Exeter prisoners ‘probed inmate’s bottom with spoon and broom handle for drugs’, court hears Hyland, of Whitebridge, Honiton, and Norman, a recruitment consultant from Coliston in London, were also given curfews. Prosecutor Mr Gordon Richings said: They spoke to two women sitting opposite them. They say the conversation was friendly and light hearted. The brawl lasted about 10 seconds. It ended with Mr McGauley being beaten to the ground and kicked.

At one point he was forced against the side of a passing vehicle by his attackers. Hyland and Norman both admitted affray while Cave, who led the chase but only threw one punch, pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of using threatening behaviour. The defendants said they were ashamed of their actions. They were all of previous good character.

Among the Thugs

Top left to right: Bottom left to right: But when two women stopped to watch the competition the gang swarmed on him, punching, kicking and stamping on him until he lay helpless in a foetal position on the floor at Hilton Street, Manchester. Prosecutor Mark Kellet told Manchester Crown Court Mr King had been out celebrating his birthday on February 6, and encountered two groups of men when he left the Pen and Pencil bar on Hilton Street at around 2am.

After two girls stopped to watch the competition, Leo Doyle punched Mr King in the head, prompting Mr King to retaliate with a punch of his own – but it landed on another of the group, James Wright and a sickening pack assault ensued, with the victim sent crashing to the pavement while kicks and punches rained down on his head.

Dating; Exchange and Mart; Basildon 10°c. Wickford and Southend Victoria to stop early until Thursday. Man threatened with baseball bat by masked thugs during late-night robbery. 2.

Rejection is an unavoidable part of dating, and the sooner you learn to put it in perspective, the better. But what about repeated rejection? Start Problem Solving The first thing you do is stop blaming. Blame makes you powerless. And feeling powerless works against you. Instead, see the problem for what it is, and begin attempting to solve it.

I hear men bitch that you have to be gorgeous or rich to get dates, and I hear women bitch that you have to be gorgeous or young to attract men. Yes, rich guys and hot women get more options. Poor and relatively plain people get dates and find partners. Rejection Principles First, recognize your problem.

Why Black Women Like Thugs