The Great Divide July 10, by tamaratattles Comments Off to a late start since the Southern Charm reunion saved anything remotely interesting for the lat five minutes of the show. I had not watched the trailer for this season and it looks fantastic. I really thought Brett Michaels was on the show and it was Shannon! I am all in for this season! Shannon We start with a significantly large Shannon playing outside with her daughters and their new dog, Archie. Screaming bad dog at a dog running away is not how to address this situation. Shannon is literally blaming her weight gain on Vicki announcing that David was arrested for domestic violence during a scene last season.

Real Housewives of Orange County: Official Season 12 Part 2

It offends every single sensibility that I have…. This blog may be a little weird as I try to make sense out of the inane wonkiness. First of all… let me set the table by saying that Vicki and Brooks posted the following announcement on their Facebook wall just this last Sunday, August 16, Rumors about Brooks and his cancer have been swirling around forever.

Aug 16,  · On Sunday, Aug. 16, Vicki Gunvalson and her longtime on-again, off-again boyfriend, Brooks Ayers, confirmed that they have once again split. The Real Housewives of .

Bravo Season 13, Episode 2: The rest of the ladies stay behind and the drama continues. He seems like a good guy. Too bad he is having to deal with all of these health issues. He is not able to work our or teach classes so he relies on Tamra to oversee the classes on his behalf. Some of the ladies join them at Cut Fitness for a workout session that pits them competing against each other.

‘Real Housewives of Orange County’ Star Vicki Gunvalson Is Dating Again?

This post will touch on some things that involve politics, the POTUS, homophobes, racists, Zionists, misogyny, the most recent housewife and other disturbing topics. If you come here to get away from all of that sort of crap, please click here to go to a safe space and do not reopen the post. I have been trying to get to the pig blood market all day.

In fact, he was briefly mentioned by the OG from the OC during Monday’s Season 12 The Real Housewives of Orange County premiere. While Vicki says she hasn’t spoken to him in two years, she does.

It felt like she was on repeat every episode. It also had the distant ring of possible disaster. On Thursday, it was announced that Luann and Tom are no more, and so another Housewives marriage hits the cobbles like a felled Louboutin—this one, at just seven months old, far quicker than most. A Real Housewife desiring privacy is a unique concept in itself; fans of the various franchises know that its participants are far from fading flowers insisting, Garbo-like, on being left alone.

Last night, the blurring function of the camera, so we could not see vaginas and breasts, was on overdrive. The Daily Mail reported that Luann had found out that Tom had cheated on her with two women, with Ramona Singer like Sonja Morgan, another ex of his; Tom denied ever dating either… keep up showing her a photograph of him kissing another woman.

Men and labels, eh? Even so, ouch, ouch and ouch. Whatever the relentless madnesses of RHONY, this is genuinely sad because Luann genuinely believed in this marriage, and in making it work. Cheat Sheet A speedy, smart summary of all the news you need to know and nothing you don’t.

Lydia McLaughlin: Why I’m back on ‘Real Housewives of Orange County’

I watch the Real Housewives of Orange County. Even more, I used to love it. The ladies were perfect California oranges: It was my go-to for time on the elliptical or for anytime I wanted to remember that somewhere in the world, people still care about doing their hair and makeup.

It’s been nearly a year since Vicki Gunvalson and Brooks Ayers broke up. But plenty of controversy followed their split last August, as her Real Housewives of Orange County crew questioned his.

The year-old blonde met the handsome attorney in early April over business. In addition to being a successful attorney, Pankauski also owns a winery Several weeks ago the two were spotted at the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills together. The Bravo star, pictured with Tamra Barney in NYC, hasn’t talked about John so far The source added that John has asked her production company to do a promo reel for his law firm.

He is also interested in having her executive produce a TV show he would star in. But meetings about business deals aren’t the only thing the two have done together. They also both had their hair done side by side while at the Kim Vo salon inside the Montage before Vicki went off to do a promo shoot for her new diamond line. He is a warrior and a fierce lawyer,’ said the source.

‘A little tightening’: Kelly Dodd undergoes vaginal rejuvenation as Vicki Gunvalson watches on RHOC

Share this article Share ‘Seeing Vicki being taken off to the hospital kind of puts things in perspective,’ Tamra, 50, admitted to camera later. Does it really matter? And I feel like now we can really have a conversation that means something. Vicki and Tamra embraced as their long feud appeared to be over Tamra quickly brought up her husband Eddie and ‘the vicious rumor about him being gay’ that she insisted Vicki had spread.

Jun 29,  · Watch video · The end of a chapter. The Real Housewives of Orange County’s Brooks Ayers opened up in a recent interview about his current relationship with ex Vicki Gunvalson and revealed why the two barely.

I wouldn’t do it but it has helped burned victims. I am one that likes Vicki and I think she’s on to something with Meaghan. I don’t think Meaghan cares about Brooks, I think she wants to prove him and Vickie as liars. I’m with Vickie, 5 years Jim and Meaghan will be divorced. Shannon, even though I like her she is getting on my nerves. However, I disagree with others on here that she should be over it now. I was cheated on and there are so many triggers, it’s ugly for at least a year.

From my understanding, they are started filming a month or 2 after the affair was revealed so Shannon was still new to this. It takes a while but oh well, the person who cheated should understand their life is going to be miserable for a while while the trust is trying to come back. Shannon should not be concerned with what David is thinking about her right now as he did it to himself.

I do agree, they told their kids too much. Meghan basically said just that in the car. It’s not exactly accurate to say Meghan didnt say Brooks is lying about having cancer.

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Two years ago, Vicki Gunvalson was at the lowest point in her life. But personally for Vicki it led to a deep emotional breakdown, during which she couldn’t even get out of bed. The pain was only heightened when some of her cast mates questioned whether she had been involved in Brooks’ lie. I want to put everything behind me. I just want to have a good year. I want [everyone] to be friends and have good times.

Real Housewives of Orange County boyfriend Brooks Ayers has finally had enough of the speculation about his cancer controversy. Vicki Gunvalson’s boyfriend confronted Meghan King Edmonds in .

Diko poops on her nightly. She wouldn’t allow her gay brother to attend their father’s funeral because she disapproves of gay people. She wants nothing to do with him, and she and Diko actually tried to bar her brother from attending the funeral with his boyfriend. I believe that he attended anyway, but the boyfriend wasn’t allowed. Anyway, people are speculating that that’s why she hasn’t appeared on WWHL with Andy Cohen, and they’re also hoping he’ll call her out on it at the reunion.

She won’t last, of course, because she doesn’t want to engage. She claims that she didn’t invite Tamra’s ex-friend Ricky Santana to her birthday, and he posts evidence to prove she’s lying: Apparently no one on the show thinks so. This resurgence of old faces was both vindictive and desperate.

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Feel free to check out our previous updates on Luis and Molly , plus Evelyn and David. Based on the previews of the show, it appears Aika is going to be a controversial figure as some are already describing her as the new Anfisa! Those are some big shoes to fill! Now onto the big question! Are Josh and Aika still together? Is she in the US?

Even though Vicki Gunvalson is in a happy relationship with Steve Lodge, Real Housewives of Orange County viewers will never forget her scandalous relationship with Brooks Ayers.

Vicki Gunvalson, 53, and Brooks Ayers, 47, announced the end of their four-year relationship via Facebook. In the joint statement posted online, RHOC stars said the time has come for them to finally live separate lives, although they still love each other, according to People. The former couple also said they have thought and prayed hard, and even underwent counseling before they split.

But now that their relationship is over, they wished each other “a great future. This is not the first time that Gunvalson and Ayers’ relationship took the rocky road. They first met in and first broke up in However, the two were back together the following year after Ayers was diagnosed of cancer.

Real Housewives of Orange County: Tamra Barney Battles Vicki Gunvalson

Bravo 1 of 15 Vicki’s tagline was “I don’t want to get old” They did taglines a little differently in season one of RHOC — the very first season of Housewives. Bravo 3 of 15 Lauri worked for Vicki Little did Vicki know, Lauri would turn around and tell everyone Vicki had a threesome ten years later! He was also framed as a dedicated dad while Jo was the young party girl who left him at home.

Oh, how things would change. Within a few years, Jo was long gone, Slade was dating Gretchen, and all the cast members were accusing him of being a deadbeat dad. Bravo 6 of 15 Slade was a model Somehow, we forgot this.

Vicki Gunvalson has a new love interest. After splitting from Brooks Ayers just months ago, the Real Housewives Of Orange County star is now getting close to New York City lawyer John Pankauski.

Bravo “I was depressed. I wouldn’t take my life Period… He did it. He lied to me. He lied to the viewers. He lied to everyone else for whatever reason, I don’t know and I will never know why he did what he did. I loved him, that’s all I can go to bed with. I am sitting opposite the OG of the OC in her immaculately decorated living room and she’s in tears as she relives the nightmare of the past year. It’s her first big interview since my four-hour interrogation of Brooks last fall.

Our investigation led to him admitting he had falsified hospital documents , and questions about whether he ever had cancer at all still linger.

RHOC: Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson Chat About Brooks’ Battle with Cancer