Bulgaria is a full European Union member, and has many advantages, such as having one of the lowest tax burdens in the old continent. This minimum wage is valid not only in Sofia, but in all countries and not is not bound just to specific sectors of the economy. Bulgaria has one of the lowest minimum salaries in Europe, and currently the lowest in the European Union. Average Salary in Sofia, Bulgaria The average salary in Bulgaria is considerably higher than the minimum wage, but still rather low. Currently, the average salary in Sofia is hovering around to euros per month, which is more than the double of the minimum. The cost of living in Sofia is quite low, and you can easily rent an appartment for euros per month. Sofia, Bulgaria Economic Outlook Bulgaria suffered intense economic transformations since the end of the Soviet Era and the Warsaw pact.

Landmarks in Sofia

Accommodation and overnight in Sofia. Sofia Basilica, the Ruins of Serdica. Sightseeingof the Old town of Plovdiv with National Revival architecture and excavations from Roman times.

Study in BULGARIA with YES Abroad! Bulgaria, located in Southeastern Europe, has a rich history dating back thousands of years. Its location near the center of the Balkan Peninsula made it an important stop for trade routes between the Near East and Europe.

From its lush mountain scenery in the north and south, to beautiful sandy beaches on the famed Black Sea coast. Train travel in Bulgaria also gives you access to some of the oldest history in Europe, with archaeological sites dating back to as early as BC. Over 2, miles of track 4, km sets up Bulgaria well for exploration by train. They are just slower due to the fact that they stop at more stations.

They generally run between the capital of Sofia and Plovdiv, Varna, or Burgas. The only real difference between first and second class is the amount of space you get. Conditions are pretty similar regardless of which class you choose. Getting to other countries There are several international train connections to Bulgaria. From Burgas and Varna, there is also a direct connection to Budapest.

Until further notice, there are no trains from the Bulgarian border to Istanbul due to engineering works.

History of Bulgaria

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Explore Sofia holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. | Bulgaria’s pleasingly laid-back capital is often overlooked by visitors heading straight to the coast or the ski resorts, but they’re missing something special. Sofia is no grand metropolis, but it’s a largely modern, youthful city, with a scattering of onion-domed churches, Ottoman mosques and stubborn Red Army monuments.

We had heard so much about several other beautiful destinations within Bulgaria that we knew we needed to set aside at least a few days to see them. We ended up finding the best rate online using carrentals. One-way car rental fees are quite expensive, but we were flying out of Sofia to Poland afterwards so we bit the bullet and went with the one-way option. Varna We booked a 2-bedroom apartment in Varna from Booking.

The building looked ancient from the exterior and the wooden elevator reminded me of the Tower of Terror from California Adventure Park rather than a modern operational elevator. It seemed like an archetypal communist-era construction that caused us to give each other silent sideways glances wondering what we had got ourselves into. Opening the apartment door, we breathed a sigh of relief.

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Top 5 Things to See and Do in Bulgaria 1. Spend an extra day or two getting to know the place. Varna Varna is a major tourist destination during the summer when its beautiful beaches fill up with visitors.

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See more The first steps are made under the cultural influence of Thracians, Proto-Bulgarians and Slavs 9th century. The national architecture quickly started shaping its own face. By the end of 10th century it has already freed itself from foreign influence and created its own See more Viticulture and wine producing in the lands of present-day Bulgaria are an age-old tradition. Excavations from ancient settlements show grape seeds and berries dating back to 6, BC!

In Thracian times our geographical region was famous as a place where vines were planted and wine See more Gourmets all over the world have been attracted for ages by the temptations of Bulgarian cuisine. There are plenty of countries in the world boasting a varied and delicious cuisine, along with long-standing culinary traditions. The methods of preparation used in Bulgarian

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Bulgaria borders five other countries: Romania to the north, Serbia and Macedonia to the west, and Greece and Turkey to the south. With its , sq km, Bulgaria ranks as the 16th largest country in Europe. The emergence of a unified Bulgarian ethnicity and state dates back to the 7th century AD. All Bulgarian political entities that subsequently emerged preserved the traditions in ethnic name, language and alphabet of the First Bulgarian Empire, which at times covered most of the Balkans and became a cultural hub for the Slavs in the Middle Ages.

Other articles where History of Bulgaria is discussed: Bulgaria: History: Evidence of human habitation in the area of Bulgaria dates from sometime within the Middle Paleolithic Period (Old Stone Age; , to 40, bce). Agricultural communities, though, appeared in the Neolithic Period (New Stone Age), and in the Bronze Age the lands.

This coin imitates Macedonian issue from — BC. It was struck by Serdi tribe as their own currency. A restored city plan of Roman Serdica under Marcus Aurelius — Sofia has been an area of continuous human habitation since at least the 8th millennium BC, [3] but others have inhabited the area 30, years ago. In the context, certainly the neolithic village in Slatina , dating to the 5th—6th millennium BC, is described.

Remains from another neolithic settlement around the National Art Gallery are traced to the 3rd—4th millennium BC, which has been the traditional centre of the city ever since and is not changed today. In — BC. Sofia’s area was populated by the Thracian tribe of Tilataei. The Celts were assimilated by the local Thracian population during the late Hellenistic period in 2nd — 1st century BC.

Top 10 Reasons to visit Bulgaria

Tags Featured Must-See Bulgarian Highlights It is not possible to see everything that tourism in Bulgaria has to offer – just in a single trip, and we don’t suggest you to try. In our guided cultural tours we have selected for you the 20 most famous Bulgarian landmarks – exciting mixture of culture, history, traditions, ethnography, cuisine, wine tourist, music and hospitable people. Boyana Church, Sofia 10th century One of the most complete and perfectly preserved monuments of East-European medieval art.

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The idea behind starting a Communist Tour actually arose out of the experience of our guides doing the Free Sofia Tour. On many occasions our guests show a deeper interest in the topic and have asked about what it was like in Bulgaria during that period, wanting to learn more about the story of our side of the Cold War. Illustrating how Bulgaria became communist country with the help of some red strings. Free Sofia Tour The Communist Tour — Communism and Europe The Cold War is, of course, something that practically affected the whole world in the previous century.

It has been over 25 years since communism officially disappeared in Europe. It is natural that memories are already starting to fade away or get distorted. At the same time, most people still have strong opinions on the topic. If you just talk to a local about it, you are likely to hear radically different stories, depending on who you are talking to.